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Our Advantages

Experience the Difference

It is well established that working with an advisor makes a difference(1), but what should you look for in a Financial Advisor?  This page lists some of the many advantages of working with Greg MacPherson and his team.  Contact their office to book an appointment and find out more about the difference that their team can make.


Would you like your Financial Advisor to have more choice or less choice in what to recommend?  Greg has a database in his office of over 20,000 mutual funds available in Canada, the majority of which he has the freedom to recommend to clients.  That is what independence means.  The ability and freedom to choose whatever is in the best interest of the client.  Some financial institutions either have only their own proprietary products or have incentives to recommend their own products.

Imagine you were a serious runner and you were looking for the best running shoe available for your individual needs.  If you walk into a Nike store, you will no doubt get a recommendation for a Nike shoe.  While this may in fact turn out to be the best shoe for you, it also may not be.  What if the best shoe for you was a Reebok, New Balance, ASICS, Mizuno, PUMA or a specialty shoe like Saucony?  Wouldn't it help to go to a store or specialist that assesses your running goals and style and compensates for your unique needs like over-pronation and comfort?  Wouldn't it help if the shoe specialist was able to pick from all available brands and wasn't compensated differently on any of them?  This is the concept of being truly independent.

All the Tools

The analogy Greg likes to use is that he has "all the tools in the toolbelt".  Would you ever hire a carpenter that was only licensed to use a screwdriver but not a hammer?  Some people calling themselves "Financial Advisors" only have one type of license.  For instance, an advisor with only an insurance license might only recommend segregated funds.  Should you buy a bond instead of a bond fund?  How would you know unless your advisor is licensed for securities and can recommend either one?  Greg is the only advisor in the Upper Saint John River Valley area with a securities license and has access to all the tools and solutions for your situation and goals.

Regular Monitoring

How often is your advisor monitoring your investments?

On a daily basis, Greg is following market news and developments, reading research reports to stay up-to-date on investments, the economy and the market outlook.  Greg also meets with investment companies and fund managers, as well as attending conferences and seminars to stay current on financial issues.

He is more specifically looking at each client account on a regular basis and evaluating the individual investments.  Although the investments are usually meant to be long-term in nature, if it is felt that changes should be made, Greg will proactively contact you to discuss them.  If there hasn't been any need for recommendations in the short-term, the office will contact you for a review at least once a year.


It seems like such a simple thing, but when you call the office of Greg MacPherson, you reach a real live person that knows you.  When dealing with the members of the Woodstock office, you are not just a number.  They take the time to get to know what is important to you.  In that way, advice and planning is tailored to your unique situation and goals.

Have you ever had the experience of building a relationship with an advisor only to have them get promoted, leave the branch, or retire?  Greg's clients have enjoyed the benefit of maintaining a relationship with their advisor for the last 26 years.  This type of consistency and stability is important to clients.  There is a comfort in knowing that you can maintain that relationship, and the advisor who has gotten to know you and your family's needs will be there for you throughout your planning years.


Greg's education and experience in the world of investing and financial planning actually began long before his 26 years of being a Financial Advisor.  It began as a childhood interest in the subject.  While some students were interested in music or sports, Greg was interested in reading books about business and learning about investing.  Even today, it is more than just a job to him.  It isn't uncommon for Greg to be spending an evening or weekend reading financial journals and research reports. Over his career, he has been the author of over 400 financial articles.

Having an advisor in your corner with this level of experience and a commitment to stay on top of the latest tax changes and market conditions is a valuable benefit.


Greg graduated from Acadia University with a Bachelor of Business Administration (Finance) degree.  He has completed various industry courses from the Canadian Securities Institute and most importantly has received the Certified Financial Planner (CFP)™ designation.  In addition to this, he has achieved his Financial Management Advisor (FMA) ® designation, a designation denoting a "mastery level of knowledge" and "expertise to handle complex wealth management issues and counsel high-net-worth clients".  Furthermore, Greg attained the Certified Professional Consultant on Aging (CPCA) ® designation, "North America's premier senior advisor designation".  Greg has also achieved the designation of Fellow of the Canadian Securities Institute (FCSI) ®,"the most senior designation in Canada's financial services sector", as well as his most recent designation of Responsible Investment Advisor Certification (RIAC).

For more information and explanation on these credentials as well as Beth's Registered Retirement Consultant RRC® designation, see our Designations page.

Personal Service

The Woodstock office of Manulife Wealth Inc. consists of one advisor and two associates dedicated completely to client service.  Not only did the office win the "Reader's Choice Award" in the category of Best Investment Company, but Melissa also won in the category of Best Receptionist (even though she does much more than maintain the front desk).  Clients of Greg MacPherson get a whole team dedicated to maintaining a premium level of service.

Across the Country

Although those in the Upper Saint John River Valley area like the convenience of being able to meet with Greg in his Woodstock office, he actually has clients in various parts of the country.  Many advisors are only licensed for the province in which they reside.  Greg has clients and is licensed for securities in the provinces of BC, MB, AB, ON, PQ, NS and, of course, New Brunswick.  He has also dealt with clients in other areas of Canada such as Inuvik and Newfoundland.

Having this flexibility is a benefit if you move to another area of Canada and want to maintain your relationship with your advisor.  It has also been a benefit to clients who want to refer us to their children, grandchildren or friends in other parts of the country.


Meetings with Greg and his team are always free and confidential.  Greg believes that credibility and a good client-advisor relationship begins with an open/honest discussion about investment fees and how compensation works in the investment and insurance industries.  For more information about fees, click here.

Credibility and reputation in a small community mean everything.  Greg and his team in the Woodstock office of Manulife Wealth Inc. have earned the trust of over 400 households.  To read about what clients have said about their experience, visit the Testimonials page.

Being a Financial Advisor is more than a job for Greg, it is a lifelong interest in the topic of investing and in helping others in the area of financial planning.  Greg adheres to the CFP principles of Integrity and Professionalism and his approach is that of an educator and advisor, which his clients appreciate.

Data Security

We are secured by NPC Complete Endpoint Computer Protection.  What does this mean?  All of our endpoint computers are professionally encrypted, managed and monitored for malware attack, unauthorized use and intrusion, and professionally backed up in secure data centers by NPC - leaders in endpoint data security.  Any of our computers that contain your personal information can also be remotely destroyed if lost or stolen.

Why is cybersecurity important to us?  You trust us with your very personal and confidential information, and we take that seriously.  Seriously enough to invest in the leading comprehensive endpoint computing data security solution.  How secure is secure?

  • Professionally configured, managed and security monitored
  • Advanced malware attack prevention and monitoring
  • All data is AES-256 encrypted, a military-grade level of protection
  • Our computers feature integrated biometric fingerprint readers
  • Daily secure backup to Canadian data centers
  • Remote locate and data wipe for lost or stolen computers
  • Our computers are securely "decommissioned" at the end of their useful life before recycling