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The Community

Greg has a love for his country, his province and the community in which he and his family live.  A number of the organizations that he supports benefit the community as a whole. He is a regular supporter of the Rotary Club and the local and international projects their members have worked on.  Although he has certainly focused his support in the local area, he believes in helping our international neighbours and being part of a global community. He has contributed to Perth-Andover Refugee & Area Support Groupas well as some international organizations. This extends to his care for the environment and the preservation of natural areas, such as his support for Ducks Unlimited and the Meduxnekeag River Association. Greg and his family recently participated in the grand opening of the LUSH Education Loop, where he committed to donate $1000 per year for five years to the "Living Legacy" campaign.

"My family enjoys going on several of the Meduxnekeag Valley Nature Preserve Trails every year as well as the Maliseet Trail. Our local trail system is an asset to the community and it is important to us to support this."

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